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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Circus Mania on Kindle

With three in 40 people receiving an e-reader for Christmas last year, and Amazon selling more ebooks than paperbacks and hardbacks combined, the digital revolution is well and truly with us. So I’m proud to announce that Circus Mania! is now available for instant download to a Kindle near you!
Hailed by the Mail on Sunday as “A brilliant account of a vanishing art form,” Circus Mania is my journey through the world of sawdust, spangles and sweat, from traditional big top shows to the spectacle of Cirque du Soleil and beyond, talking to trapeze flyers, clowns, sword swallowers and showmen about their unique lives, traditions, secret language and superstitions.
With traditional animal circuses currently facing extinction from government legislation and animal rights protestors in the land where horseman Philip Astley invented the circus almost 250 years ago, Circus Mania’s conversations with the men and women struggling to keep their shows on the road means the new Kindle edition could not be more timely.

Most recently, the highly respected American circus critic and author David Lewis Hammarstrom blogged on Showbiz David: “Circus Mania will likely take a place of honour on the highest shelf with Antony Hippisley Coxe’s classic, A Seat At The Circus.”

Praising the “illuminating detail” and “cool Brit sense of humour” of this “wonderful book,” Hammarstrom added, “This is a book about the Brit circus scene that puts you right there.”

Now, thanks to the wonders of Kindle, you can click here and be right there in less than a minute!

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