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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Uncle Sam's Great American Circus trucks

Over size and over here...
Uncle Sam's American Circus trucks and star-spangled big top
roll up, roll up in Norwich.
Uncle's Sam's Great American Circus may be a British organisation based in Lincolnshire, but its star-spangled selection of American Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks sure look the part the part when they roll into town, as I found when the red white and blue big top pitched up in Norwich last year. Wherever you see them this year, be sure to give them a big "Hey, Y'all!"

Get your kicks
Far from Route 66, Uncle Sam's Yank tanks are are parked
in an eye-catching location at the side of the A1067 Fakenham Road
as you head out of Norwich.
The circus that Peterbilt
The big top won't blow away anchored to that truck 

Red white and blue Kenworth truck
and matching big top
Even Uncle Sam's smaller vehicles
let everyone know the circus is in town
Meanwhile, under star-spangled canvas
the ring and seats are readied for the evening's show

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