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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Peter Jolly's Circus extends stay in Wirral

Roaring success!
Peter Jolly's proves people
love lions

Animal rights protesters have been out in force, stirring up negative headlines in the local paper and picketing the gates every day since Peter Jolly's Circus pitched its tent at Saugham Massie Road in the Wirral. But it's the 'sold out' signs not the protesters that have been turning visitors away.

The sideshow outside
According to PR man Anthony Beckwith, the circus has seen such an "explosion" of interest that it has extended its stay by more than a week until August 10.

Looks like the public wants to see animal acts after all. Either that or, with a mooted ban always hanging over the big top, they know it could be their last chance to see tigers and lions in a British sawdust circle.

The queue that makes
Peter Jolly
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It's International Clown Week
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