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Monday, 6 October 2014

Danny Adams - Does a clown need a red nose?

It looks like Britain's funniest clown, Danny Adams, has dispensed with his red nose, white lip and the rest of his clown make-up. But who needs a red nose to be funny when you've got an enormous... leaf blower with a toilet roll on the end!

Welsh comedy fans are in for a treat when Danny and his dad, Clive Webb, make a one-off appearance at the New Theatre, Cardiff, on October 27. Click here for my review of their truly hilarious Cirque du Hilarious show.

For more on the great debate of whether clowns should wear make-up or whether it scares the kids, read Circus Mania - my behind-the-scenes journey through the big tops of the British circus scene. Click here to read the reviews on Amazon
Oh yes, and Circus Mania even has a full chapter on Danny and Clive, including the story behind their leaf-blower gag and other routines. 

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