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Friday, 6 February 2015

21 Circus lions stranded in Peru

ADI's Jan Creamer and her husband ponder the next step for their
new collection of lions and beast wagons.
Well, they could always put on a circus as a fundraiser...

Twenty one lions 'rescued' from circuses in Peru are currently stranded in the country because Animal Defenders International have run out of money.

The animal rights group has launched an appeal to raise the £200,000 needed to air-lift the big cats to a sanctuary in America.

But wasn't it a bit irresponsible of ADI to seize the animals without having enough cash to complete the operation?

What will happen to the lions if the money can't be raised?

Perhaps an enterprising circus such as Ringling should step in and rescue the lions from ADI. I'm sure that Ringling star Alex Lacey (see him here, with a leopard) would give them a good home.

For the inside story on how big cats are trained in the circus, read Circus Mania - "A brilliant account of a vanishing art form" - Mail on Sunday.

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