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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Circus photo of the month - Mr Fips Wonder Circus

Captivated audience at Mr Fips Wonder Circus

Most circus photos focus on the performers - in action in the ring, or backstage where dazzling costumes contrast with mundane caravans, ropes and lorries. But how many photographers turn their cameras towards the audience?

That's what Mary Turner did at Mr Fips' Wonder Circus, and captured this arresting image of circus-goes looking up - literally agape with amazement. Unseen, wire-walker Marco Polo was balancing on a chair on the high-wire. But surely the reaction in those upturned faces - the unconscious expression of awe - captures the spellbinding magic of the circus more completely than a mere photograph of the spectacle they're beholding.

And look at the age range, from children on laps to teenagers, parents and grandparents - all entranced, transported and amazed. How many other art forms could enthral such a diverse audience?

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