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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Zippos rides into 2018!

A image to gladden the hearts of circus fans! The Khadikov Riders are among the stars of Zippos' new show Legacy, which opens in Blackheath, London on March 29, as the first stop on its 2018 tour. 

Also on the bill are Cuban acrobats the Hermansito Troupe, clown Totti Alexis, the legendary Norman Barrett MBE and his famous budgies, and Brazilian aerialist Alex Michael, who will be performing 30ft above the ring with no safety wires or net!

Book your seats on 0871 210 2100.

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  1. I may go see this show I believe he is doing the Scotland cuircut this season ...I most likely will at some point No I , the cfa as good to see,animal acts still within the traditional circus world