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Monday, 14 February 2011

Circus Mania gets Five Stars on Amazon!

The best critics are the book-reading public, so my thanks go to Catherine Howard for posting the following 5-Star customer review of Circus Mania on Amazon:

Running Away With The Circus!
Review of Circus Mania by Catherine Howard - 5-stars (Amazon)

I really loved this book. The author obviously loves his subject. He has an easy to read, relaxed style and has gone to a lot of trouble to speak to all the right people. Every page simply buzzes with memorable characters and quotes. There are so many different stories here, some funny, some sad, all fascinating. Every page was full of interest. It made me want to rush out and see another circus, straightaway. What I liked the most was the fact that the author doesn't preach. This is especially noticeable when he looks at animals in circuses. He handles this emotive subject brilliantly, managing to give both sides of the argument. I was left with the rather comforting feeling that the circus is here to stay. To quote the last line of this really excellent book - `Circus is very much alive and juggling.'
Thanks again to Catherine for that review. If you’re tempted to read Circus Mania just click on the link to Amazon above right. Or buy it direct from Peter Owen Publishers at the special offer price of £10 inc postage. Send cheques to Peter Owen Publishers, 81 Ridge Road, London N8 9NP.

Or click here to buy from Amazon.

Circus Mania
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