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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Amazon 5-star review for Circus Mania!

“Highly revealing” and full of “Fascinating tales and reminiscences.”

That’s how well known and respected writer and PR man Tony Byworth describes Circus Mania in a cracking 5-star customer review on Amazon - the second 5-star Amazon review that Circus Mania has received this year.

Here’s the full review:

5-stars The circus life revealed, 15 Mar 2011
By Tony Byworth

This review is from: Circus Mania (Paperback) I must confess that my recollections of the circus are slight and my knowledge even more so, but this highly revealing book changed all that, filling in the gaps, restoring memories and providing an encyclopaedic wealth of information.

Author Douglas McPherson similarly lacked circus knowledge but, after being assigned to write a circus review, was fascinated enough to start fully researching the subject - an area of show business that rarely gathers headlines, apart from the occasional outcry by animal rights activists. His study is extensive and covers the widest expanses, from traditional circuses under the big top to theatrical Cique du Soleil, from Britain's Chipperfields, Cottle and Lacey, to Germany's Spiegeltent, America's Barnum & Bailey and China's State Circus. There's also Cirque du Glace, Circus Hilarious, Circus Mondao, Circus of Horrors (no, not the movie but a theatrical touring spectacle with freak show origins) and, even, a circus school (Circus Space) offering a BA degree.

During the course of his research, which stretched over seven years, McPherson visited a vast variety of circuses and interviewed many of their personnel - owners and ringmasters, animal trainers and clowns, trapeze artists and escapologists, building up a close friendship with many of them. In return, all relate fascinating tales and reminiscences, resulting in a greater insight than would have been achieved by the casual interviewer.

Then, at the book's conclusion, a six page Circus Chronology that commences with the Circus Maximus of Roman times and concludes in 2009 when the Great British Circus reintroduced elephants into the ring after a decade's absence.

Once into the book, it's hard not to be carried along by McPherson's very obvious enthusiasm. So, if you ever had thoughts about joining a circus, this book could provide the impetus!


Thanks for that glowing review, Tony! And if that’s tempted you to check out Circus Mania - The Ultimate Book For Anyone Who Dreamed Of Running Away With The Circus, just click on the button above right and go straight to Amazon to buy a copy!

You can also order direct, for just £10 including postage, from:
Peter Owen Publishers
81 Ridge Road

London N8 9NP

And with World Circus Day coming up next month on April 16, the good news is that Circus Mania will be among the first batch of Peter Owen books to be launched as an eBook. Stay tuned for further news! Until then, may all your days be circus days!


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