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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Circus Mania review - "Circus Mania opens a much needed tent-flap into today's circus world."

My thanks to Katherine Kavanagh for posting a great review of Circus Mania on her website The Circus Diaries.

Having begun by calling Circus Mania

“an engaging and enjoyable read, offering an evocative flavour of circus life,”

she goes on to state,

“I have no doubt that this will be a fascinating resource to scholars of the future looking back on our particular period of history.”

The review concludes:

“Above all it is an entertaining and accessible read, and certainly opens a much needed tent-flap into today’s circus world.”

The Circus Diaries, incidentally, exists to promote a greater critical discourse about circus, which is something the industry sorely needs. I recommend you take a look.

Updated for 2018
And if Kathryn's review makes you want to read Circus Mania, just click here to buy the new updated 2nd Edition from Amazon.


  1. I have just read your piece in The Stage and will definitely order the book. I do so agree with your comments about circus reviews - my (mildy and constructively) critical review in the last King Pole looks completely out of step with all the others, which, as you say, mostly just list acts.

    1. I’m glad you liked the article. I hope circus owners and critics will realise there’s a big difference between supporting the circus and saying something is good when it’s not. Let’s have some writing that makes a difference.