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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Russells International Circus putting up the big top

A massive poster campaign announced the first visit of Russells International Circus to Wymondham in Norfolk at the beginning of June. They had a glorious sunny, windless day to put up the big top in a corner of Kett’s Park, beside the leisure centre, as I found when I dropped by to take these pictures.

With the four king poles standing, the fixed-shape uppermost part of the tent, the cupola, waits on the back of a truck while the tent men hammer in the surrounding stakes.

With the tent attached to the cupola, the big top is slowly winched aloft, by hand.

  In the sunshine of a warm Monday evening, the circus stands built... and waiting. The show doesn’t open until Wednesday. The queues, music and hoopla are two days away and an almost eerie stillness hangs over the lorries, caravans and tent. The circus - indeed the whole park - appears deserted and silent. But not quite silent. From behind the big top a generator rumbles quietly, like a sleeping heartbeat. Beside one of the caravans, a man sits tending a barbeque, the tang of charcoal scenting the air with the promise of the hotdog stand aroma to come. And in the dry and dusty empty car park a young man in a red t-shirt circles restlessly in the sunshine... atop a unicycle.
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