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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Circus Comes To Town

Sara Petite is the latest country singer to turn to the circus for inspiration, with new album Circus Comes To Town. The glossy gatefold sleeve opens to reveal pictures of Petite in clown make-up; spread-eagled on a knife-thrower’s target; and, in a bizarre piece of S&M imagery, cowering bare-backed with a bear headdress in the shadow of a man with a whip.

Sadly, the title song isn’t as colourful as the packaging. Kinky Friedman's Wild Man of Borneo and Gretchen Peters' Circus Girl are much more evocative of big top atmosphere.

Sara Petite
- Clowning makes her
brown eyes blue
But, disappointing though the title song may be, this is still a darn fine album of traditionally-slanted country delivered in an upbeat and modern way by a singer with a seriously backwoods twang and a feisty two-fisted attitude.

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