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Friday, 2 August 2013

Circus Mania review by This is Cabaret

Danny Adams
The modern face of clowning.
Read his story in
Circus Mania
"Pack your bags before reading Circus Mania, it may leave you yearning to run away with the circus!

That’s the verdict of Helen Whitcher who has written a fantastic in-depth review of Circus Mania on the online magazine This Is

Among some quotes from the extensive review:

“This comprehensive and thought-provoking book covers the breadth, depth and some of the moral issues of the circus world.”

“The research and study that has contributed to the book is outstanding, leaving little room for criticism.”

With the review appearing during International Clown Week, it was also nice to see Whitcher add:

“A wonderful extra is a cultural and in-depth look at the changes in clowning throughout history.”

Read the full review on This Is This Is Cabaret.

"Roll up, roll up, for a
glimpse behind the greasepaint."

- Press coverage for
Circus Mania
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Circus Mania
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