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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Murder at the Circus!

The Blue Rinse Brigade
Four harmless old ladies.
Four thrilling adventures.

About the time I started writing Circus Mania, I also began writing a series of comic crime capers for women's magazine My Weekly.

The stories feature four harmless-looking old ladies who each have a colourful past. 81-year-old Evelyn is a former police chief inspector who led the murder squad at Scotland Yard; 80-year-old Pam is a retired pathologist and army medic; 75-year-old Jane was a spy in the Cold War; and 90-year-old Maude was a code-breaker in World War Two.

Undaunted by age, the fearless foursome use their years of experience and unique skills to take on an increasingly outlandish parade of villains from crazed circus stars to psychotic pirates, while Evelyn's long-suffering son-in-law, Inspector Mervyn Pickles, can only roll his eyes in horror.

Four of the ladies' adventures are now available to download in a single collection, The Blue Rinse Brigade, exclusively from the Kindle Store for just £1.98.

You can also read their big top mystery, Murder at the Circus, free of charge, right here on the blog, by clicking here.
Murder at the Circus
as it originally appeared in
My Weekly

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