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Friday, 13 September 2013

Wow! Circus legend Gerry Cottle returns to London

Thrills and hopefully no spills
on the Wheel of Death
in Gerry Cottle's new show

The big news for London’s circus fans is that the biggest name in the big top is back in town. Celebrating his 50 years in the circus with a fast-moving show that crams 50 acts into 100 minutes, Gerry Cottle is bringing his Wow! show to a series of London parks, following a successful run in the South West last year.

It was in London, a city that no circus had played for years, that Cottle made his name by drawing huge crowds in the 70s. He went on to national fame with Seaside Special, a prime time variety show broadcast each Saturday evening from his big top.

Later, Cottle was the guiding force behind the enormous UK success of the Chinese State Circus, Moscow State Circus and Circus of Horrors. A decade ago, he retired from the road to revive the Wookey Hole Caves as one of the south west’s most colourful tourist attractions.

Bippo and friends wow the crowd
But, to steal a line from Cecil B. DeMille’s film The Greatest Show on Earth, you can shake the sawdust off your shoes but you can’t shake it out of your heart. Before long, Gerry had established a thriving circus school at Wookey Hole.

Some of its graduates are among the cast of Wow!, performing on roller skates and unicycles, alongside colourful Kenyan acrobatics, high-altitude thrills on the Wheel of Death and the comedy and magic of Bippo the Clown.

Catch a video trailer for the show at, and book your ticket to be wowed.

Currently at Hackney Downs, Sept 19 - 22
Gerry Cottle’s Wow! Show will be moving on to:
Alexandra Palace, Sept 26 - Oct 6
Harpenden Common, Oct 8 - 13
Clapham Common, Oct 23 - Nov 3

For times and bookings, go to


Gerry Cottle (L) joins
author Douglas McPherson
and Dr Haze
from the Circus of Horrors
at the launch of
Circus Mania
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