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Monday, 31 March 2014

Circus Starr tour dates

Balancing act
Miss Lara star of Circus Starr
the circus that helps kids

Have you heard about the circus that sells out its big top every night, yet no one who buys a ticket ever sees the show?

The Circus Starr big top
Circus Starr, now celebrating 26 years on the road, is a unique not-for-profit organisation that sells tickets to businesses in the towns it visits, then donates the tickets to disabled and disadvantaged children and their families with profits going to local charities such as hospices and the air ambulance service.

Just because it's for charity doesn't mean it's not a great show, though. Starr is part of Gandey World Class Productions which produces shows such as the Chinese State Circus, Spirit of the Horse and the Krystal Dinner Show (the latter a fine dining experience with circus acts in a Speigeltent in Dubai). According to Circus Starr director Neville Wilson, the big top show "could be sold commercially, no problem" - as this picture of one of its stars, Miss Lara, surely proves.

The Circus Starr autumn tour kicks off in Macclesfield on September 8. More details at

Click here to read an interview with Circus Starr director Neville Wilson.

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