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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Win Two Nights in Monte Carlo for the Circus Photo of the Year

With World Circus Day almost upon us, here are a couple of my favourite pictures from last year's photo contest run by the World Circus Federation.

The theme of the contest was Strength, Courage, Balance and Grace,
and this picture by finalist Nicole Bokhaus doesn't really tick any of those boxes
but it's one of my favourites for capturing the magic of the circus.
The little girl is Chanel Knie from the Knie circus family, but she could
easily be seen as a member of the audience experiencing the
wonder of the circus for the first time.

A beautiful shot of Claude Bouillon and a white horse from
the Luna Caballera Circus in a snowy Canadian landscape
photographed by Christa Fairchild.

And here's the winner by Essi Makela from Finland.
There's something other-worldly and out of time about this picture
of Laury Tissuer and Picasso, a Lusitano stalion, that
captures the traditions and Gypsy-like spirit of the circus

But have you a circus photo of your own? Submit it to this year's photo contest to be in with a chance of winning the top prize of a two night stay in Monte Carlo and two tickets to the 2015 International Circus Festival. The twelve finalists will have their photos reproduced in the World Circus Federation calendar and receive a copy signed by the Federation's patron, Princess Stephanie of Monaco. This year's theme is World Circus Day. For details of entry, click here to go to the World Circus Federation website.

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  1. Hi Douglas,

    I agree with you. I just posted a piece about some upset photographers who believe the photo did not belong.

    But like you, I found it very charming, as you will see by my post.

    All Best,