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Thursday, 12 June 2014

100 year battle to ban circus animals - in The Stage this week

Elephants on the front page
The Stage, June 12

Calls to ban animals from the circus have been with us for 100 years. The issue has been debated in Parliament and the House of Lords. As recently as two weeks ago, it looked as though the Government would be bringing in a ban on wild animals from next year. But when the Queen made her speech to Parliament last week, the long-promised Bill wasn't among the legislation for the coming session.

As Britain's last two circuses with wild animals breathe a sigh of relief at their latest reprieve from the threat of a ban that has hung over them for years, I have traced the 100 year history of the bitter battle over circus animals in this week's edition of The Stage.

Nice to see the story flagged up on the front page. Click here to read the 100 year history of opposition to animals in entertainment.

Circus Mania author
Douglas McPherson meets
one of Britain's last
circus elephants
For more on the rights and wrongs of animals in the circus click here.

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