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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mexico City to ban circus animals

You can watch a bullfight in Mexico City, but you soon won't be able to see animals perform in a circus tent.

Six of Mexico's 31 states have banned animal circuses since the end of last year and the latest decision to ban them in Mexico City - which has still to be approved by mayor Miguel Angel Mangera - brought circus performers onto the streets in protest at the threat to their livelihood.

According to Mexico's National Circus Association, the country's 183 permitted circuses employ 50,000 people and around 5500 animals.

Mexico City officials argue that Cirque du Soleil thrives without animals, but one Mexican performer countered, "The first thing people ask is 'Do you have animals?' And if you don't they won't come."

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"In good times and bad, always the circus."
- Tino Ponce, Circo.

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