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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Circus Mania "a much needed book"

"Circus Mania is a much needed dispassionately written book on the British circus scene. In order for this institution to survive, thrive and regain mainstream respectability in the media it needs journalistic appraisal, insight and critique. 

"The world of circus needs books like Circus Mania. I would say it is the most important insight into British circus since Nell Stroud’s Josser...  (Douglas McPherson) is the much needed objective, academic reviewer that can bring the world of circus outside of “Cirque” and “New Circus” to a wider audience again." 

Not my words but the opinion of Jamie Clubb, a circus historian and true son of the circus who grew up in a travelling wagon and who's family was performing circus acts a century before the invention of the circus ring.

Click here to read the full in-depth review on his blog.

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