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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Gerry Cottle says opera is the new circus

The Independent has a new opera critic... in the unlikely form of Gerry Cottle. The irrepressible circus showman had an epiphany after attending the English National Opera's new production of Cosi Fan Tutte, which has a fairground theme. But it was the sheer spectacle of the show that reminded him of being taken to Bertram Mills circus as a child, where he discovered a love of circus that has endured in him to this day.

Circus meets opera in Cosi Fan Tutte
In a glowing review, Cottle writes:

"Cosi Fan Tutte was spectacle, pure and simple: the kind of spectacle that made me join the circus and the kind of spectacle I have been chasing ever since...

"This was a three-ring circus taking place right in front of me and it stirred up so many emotions, with the sets, the scale and the stage-craft making me realise what I have been missing."

Will the ENO inspire Cottle to create his own mixture of opera and circus? With Gerry you just never know!

To read the full review click here.

Gerry Cottle, left, with Circus Mania author
Douglas McPherson, centre, and
Dr Haze from the Circus of Horrors
at the launch of Circus Mania
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