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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Thomas Chipperfield in The Times: "If they ban circus lions, pet cats will be next."

Why is most press coverage of traditional circuses dominated by the views of animal rights organisations, with usually just an apologetic comment by the circus tagged on for the sake of 'balance'?

The simple reason is that animal rights groups bombard the papers with press releases setting out their side of the story, so their protest becomes the story.

Sadly, the circus industry seems to have lost the ability to take the initiative and generate positive stories.

The good news is that one man, Thomas Chipperfield, seems determined to reverse the trend, as evidenced by an outspoken opinion piece in today's issue of The Times.

Prominently situated in a spot normally occupied by foreign prime ministers, economists, church leaders and other political heavyweights, Britain's last lion trainer highlights the difference between animal welfare and animal rights. He spotlights the real issues in the debate over wild animals in the circus and defends calls for a ban on both welfare and ethical grounds.

The headline is If they ban circus lions, pet cats will be next.

Read all about it in today's Times and online here.

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