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Thursday, 26 December 2013

A year in the Circus - the highlights of 2013

Roman riding returns
to the ring at Zippos!

It's been a fantastic year for circus, so as 2013 shuffles into history, click on the links below to revisit some of the highlights of the past year's posts on Circus Mania.

Turning rescue horses into circus horses - an interview with Roman rider Nicky de Neumann.

Murder at the Circus! The Blue Rinse Brigade take on a riddle in the ring.

Hilarious cirque
with Clive and Danny
The funniest show on Earth - my review of Cirque de Hilarious' summer season in Southwold.

10 Facts about Clowns for International Clown Week.

The BBC sought out my opinions on the circus
- but some circus owners are less
keen to hear my views
Banned from the Big Top - Why circuses don't get reviewed. Hey, I stirred up a hornets nest with this one. But it's the truth.

Why simple ideas are often the best
Timber! - Why a bunch of lumberjacks came up with the best concept for a circus show this year.

Here's to 2014. And if Santa brought you a Kindle for Christmas, don't forget to click on the cover image up there on the right and download Circus Mania for a cracking circus read. Don't take my word for it - just click here to read what the critics have been saying in a year of fantastic reviews for the ultimate book for anyone who dreamed of running away with the circus!

Coming Next on Circus Mania: The best circus pictures of 2013

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