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Friday, 13 December 2013

Circus for sale

Waiting for the show to go on
- the 1900-seat ghost circus of Chisinau waits like
Sleeping Beauty to be reawakened.

If you'd like to buy a circus, the Moldovan government would like to hear from you. The Chisinau Circus was built in 1981, with a striking crown-like design by Semion Shokhet and A. Kirichenko, an impressive sweeping foyer and lower level accommodation for a menagerie; but war and economic strife in the region has led to the building sitting empty since 2004.
Empty for a decade, the murals and chandeliers
of the Chisinau Circus need only a sweep
and brush down - although other parts of
the building need more work
There are currently plans for circus to be reintroduced to the building's small hall. But with so much of the main building having fallen into disrepair or fallen victim to vandalism, the government say the 1900-seat auditorium will only reopen if a private buyer is found.
If you're interested, contact the head of the Circus Administration Board Aliona Strambeanu.
For Sale - One slightly used circus

If you'd just like to browse, take a photo tour through the many rooms and corridors of this slightly used circus at

It was at Britain's last circus building, the Great Yarmouth Hippodrome, that my journey into the world of circus began after I met aerial silk artiste Eva Garcia - just days before she fell to her death in the auditorium's 100th anniversary season. Read her story in Circus Mania - The Ultimate Book For Anyone Who Dreamed of Running Away With The Circus by Douglas McPherson.

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