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Thursday, 12 December 2013

See the circus girl with the strongest hair in the world on tour

Circus of Horrors star Anastasia IV has pulled off another hair-culian stunt, hauling a 2.5 tonne hearse (well, what other vehicle would suit the Horrors?) along London's Shaftsbury Avenue... with her hair.

And HAIR she is again, pulling a car along
Eastbourne seafront as the Circus of Horrors sets off
across the country on tour.
Former bio-chemistry student Anastasia, who recently set a world record for lifting 53.4 kg with her hair, seems to be making a habit of the hair-raising, or hair-pulling stunt, so look out for her when the Circus of Horrors comes to a town near you. For tour dates go to

Anastasia IV takes to the (h)air
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