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Friday, 24 July 2015

Bears escape from circus... or do they?

Have you seen
this bear?

Reports from the Iranian city of  Karaj say police and are hunting two bears that escaped from a circus during freak floods that hit northern Iran last weekend.

At least 16 people were confirmed killed in the floods, but rumours that a “giant bear” and its cub were hiding out in a warehouse by the river seem to have been less confirmed.

The circus manager has denied having any bears and claimed the rumour was started by animal rights activists. So they have them in Iran, too.

The story reminds me of the activists who furiously protested at Giffords Circus featuring the ‘bear’ pictured above, a few years back.

As if it wasn’t obviously a man in a suit, the said animal was photographed having a beer after the show. Perhaps his brother’s working in Iran this season.

Heaven knows what the protesters would say if they knew this lion had been forced to wear tights and walk around on its hind legs all day...

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