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Friday, 17 July 2015

Thomas Chipperfield's educational show confuses audience

Thomas Chipperfield puts up his big top
in Wrexham, Wales.

Thomas Chipperfield’s new show is designed to educate the public about conservation and the way animals are trained. But I think he needs to open the show with a lesson on understanding plain English.

A news report in The Daily Post contains some priceless comments from an audience member who said she was unaware the show featured animals and thought she was going to a circus.

“We saw the big top and were hoping to see clowns,” she said. “Before the show started people were saying I think this could be a animal circus. It was not what we were expecting to see.”

Wasn’t aware the show featured animals? Think it could be an animal circus??

People, the show’s called An Evening With Lions and Tigers - what would you expect it to feature?

Perhaps Thomas should get his posters reprinted in Welsh.

All set up and ready for showtime!
An Evening With Lions and Tigers will be in Bridgend, Laleston, Wales, October 8 until - October 18. Box office: 07821155513

SPOILER ALERT: The show contains lions and tigers. But no clowns. Unless they've bought a ticket.


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