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Sunday, 12 July 2015

The circus is a jealous wench

The circus is a jealous wench
Indeed that is an understatement
She is a ravaging hag
Who sucks out your vitality
Who kills the brightest stars in her crown
And who will allow no private life
To those who serve her
Wrecking their homes
Ruining their bodies
Destroying the happiness of their loved ones
By her insatiable demands
She is all these things
And yet I love her
As I love nothing else on earth.

Henry Ringling North - The Circus Kings: Our Ringling Family Story.

The above could be about writing, too. Probably why I like writing about circus people. We share similar addictions.

Douglas McPherson - Circus Mania - The Ultimate Book for Anyone Who Dreamed of Running Away With the Circus.

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