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Friday, 3 July 2015

Thomas Chipperfield's Victorian lion show!

Thomas and Anthony. Maybe.

Animal Defenders International have called Thomas Chipperfield's new show, An Evening With Lions and Tigers, "Victorian." But, hey, wouldn't that actually be a great idea - to dress the show with a Victorian theme? Top hats, twiddly moustaches, barrel organ, ladies in big dresses selling the tickets... "Roll up, roll up...!"

Thomas could be a steam-punk hipster! If that wouldn't get a grant from the Arts Council, nothing would!

Read the full details of An Evening With Lions and Tigers - with not a twiddly moustache in sight - here, on Blasting News. And catch the show in Neath until October 4.

(Note to Thomas. Above costumes just £22 on ebay. Just saying.)


  1. Steam punk and Thomas does not come easily to mind, although Anthony would certainly carry off the above topper and tails with twiddly bits very well indeed ! Marilyn would look splendid in a Big Frock, But can Tommy work a barrel organ !

    1. They'll need a monkey to go with the organ... and maybe a dancing bear for next season? I can really imagine the Thomas Chipperfield Victoriana Circus, though. Gas lamps... plumed horses... horse-drawn wagons...

    2. He'd better be quick, though, before Giffords nick the idea...